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Meanwhile, the sorcerers and Thismet persuade Korsibar that his claim to become Coronal is stronger than Prestimion's, thus precipitating a plot to usurp the prince. The upshot is a sorcery-inspired civil war so terrible that the victor orders the sorcerers to wipe its memory from history and from the minds of the people. Nearly pages of elegant, soporific twiddling; even Majipoor addicts are likely to find their attention wandering.

There was a problem adding your email address. But as he dons the mantle of power, he begins to realize that the traditions are not easily ignored — and the burdens of crown and scepter are more costly then the simple act of possessing them. Robert Silverberg's most popular and successful works have always been the books in his Majipoor saga.


The prequel to his previous Majipoor novels, Lord Valentine's Castle and Valentine Pontifex, this fantasy adventure is the first in an exciting new trilogy of Majipoor novels that is sure to be a hit with his many fans. This is the future that awaits you if you go to the Castle now. Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel. The Silmarillion by J.

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