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Read reviews that mention little bear indian in the cupboard year old great book read this book years ago reid banks native american lynne reid friend patrick come to life good book really enjoyed plastic indian action figures loved this book read aloud native americans highly recommend reading this book. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Prime Video Verified Purchase. This is a true classic. It was written maybe years ago and the movie was made several years after that I believe.

This is a family friendly video and a great read along book. It stirs the imagination and teaches some great lessons. In this story a little boy named Omri who is gifted a cupboard and discovers that when he puts little plastic things in it they come alive.

This starts with a little Indian named Little Bear who is an Iroquois. Later Omri's best friend Patrick puts a cowboy Boone into the magic cupboard who also comes to life. Omri learns that he can't just have a live human as a toy. He also learns that he has some responsibility for this new found friend of his and also Boone.

The part that is so touching and that makes this movie and book so meaningful is that Little Bear is willing to teach Omri. He's angry and frustrated to be where he is a tiny person in a big world, in a different time period etc. He doesn't just get angry and stay angry though. He uses this as a teaching moment and begins to teach Omri about manhood and responsibility. Omri must help Little Bear with the physical things- food, housing, etc while at the same time Little Bear must teach Omri about growing up. While Boone and Patrick are a part of this story they are really a side of this story while the bulk of the story centers around Omri and Little Bear.

And in fact they are, in some ways, opposite of Little Bear and Omri. Boone is not as able or willing? He is also quick to anger and stay angry rather than using that moment to teach. Additionally, it is Omri who must mostly take care of Boone and make the tough decisions even to the point of sending Little Bear and Boone back home. By todays standards of being worried about offending everyone and avoiding any and all stereotypes this book might never get published and this movie never get made. That would be a shame.

There is a reason that many of us who read this book or watched this movie as a child are bringing it back into our lives for our children is that it is a classic. One of the things that makes a book a classic or a video a classic is that it has life lessons in it. In this case lessons about responsibility, strength of character, growing into adulthood, respect and more.

It is more than just an imaginary story about little people or big people taking care of little people- there are plenty of books like that out there. This book is different because it sparks the imagination and it teaches life lessons and that is what keeps bringing people back to this story.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This is a book I enjoyed as a child and it started me on a journey of loving to read. I was having a hard time teaching my 8 year old the joys of reading until I introduced this book to him.

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I love that the author challenges the young reader with new words instead of it being dreadfully simple. I also used this book as a class in my homeschool co-op. All the kids loved it, we have wonderful discussions about the chapters each week. The kids in my class have already asked several times about doing a class on the next book. I absolutely recommend this book! This movie is still so good! Family friendly, great kid story, draws a kids imagination and has a fun kid drama, with great ambient audio and the actors dont even feel like kid actors they just feel like kids being kids.

Great movie, stands the test of time. I bought this book for my grandson and decided to read it too. As an adult, I really enjoyed the story and the fantasy. I also liked the lessons Omri learned as the "owner" of two small people.

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He learned to be responsible, brave, and to make tough decisions. This is a great book for kids - and adults. Will be ordering for my other grandchildren. A fun book to read with the kids. All 3 are enjoying it ages 7, 10 and There are only a few British terms and words that the kids are confused about but nothing that we can't quickly explain. We're looking forward to then watching the movie and comparing the 2.

Bought for my grandson's as had given away the copy I had from 30 years ago!

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Can't wait to read it to them. This was the most entertaining book I ever read to any of my children - close to Pooh! Bedtime was looked forward to when reading this to my child 30 yrs ago! Hope it has same effect on my grandsons! One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Love this book, just like I was 8 years old all over again, and I'm 38 now so that was quite a while ago.

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My two sons absolutely loved it 7 and 9, so it still resonates today. My fourth grader loved this book. I remember seeing the movie as a kid and thought the book might be fun for him. He absolutely loved it. It runs the full gamut of emotions. He would go from amazed to excited to sad. He really got into the book. It is the exciting and magic story of a boy who comes across a magic cupboard that brings toys to life. It was a good fit for my 4th grader. See all 1, reviews.

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See all customer images. Most recent customer reviews. Published 9 days ago. Published 11 days ago. Published 14 days ago. Published 18 days ago. Published 21 days ago. Published 27 days ago. Published 29 days ago. Published 1 month ago. And when his best friend, Patrick, is let in on the secret, he soon realises that life-changing decisions lie ahead. My son is really enjoying the book and finds humor in it.

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Likes the idea of having a little person to take care of. I'm going to have hime write sequal to the book to see what he thinks happens in the next chapters. Lynne Reid Banks is a best-selling author for children and adults. She was born in London in and worked as an actress, writer and TV news reporter. Lynne has written thirty books: She now lives in Dorset, where she continues to write.